Infinity Crew (A Vinnie Bruno Novel)

Born on the mean streets of Boston, Vinnie Bruno learns a life of crime. The judge sent him to a juvenile detention center to teach him a lesson for a string of robberies. But instead of learning his lesson, Vinnie recruits his crew – the men who become his chosen family. Under cover of the perfect alibi, they break out at night to commit a range of thefts and sophisticated crimes. From the nefarious profits of these scores they build a cache of weapons and a significant stash of money.Once released, they use that cash to set up a ‘security company’ as a front that allows them to commit bigger and more daring robberies. But their perfect criminal enterprise is blown when their fence “Nicky Wrists” turns on them by selling them out to one of the many crime families that compete for ascendancy.The Infinity Crew realise what is happening, Vinnie’s sense of loyalty is offended, and they decide that maybe Nicky needs to be taught a lesson. A lesson that will change their lives in ways they would never have believed. Written while serving a 21-year sentence in Federal prison.